Hi!  My name is Rachel and I’m the girl behind the camera at Crossroads Photography.

Crossroads Photography by Rachel Harder, El Dorado, Kansas
Crossroads Photography by Rachel Harder, El Dorado, Kansas

My mission is to inspire others, specifically young girls, to believe in and own their own unique beauty. I aim to achieve this by an encouraging and fun photo session and delivering a finished product that will make every girl feel beautiful.

Did you know that 7 in 10 girls feel like they don’t measure up?  This is often because of how they view their bodies.  I am passionate about showing girls that they are gorgeous, just the way they are!

I have a few other passions, which include my faith in Jesus, my small chicken farm (haha!), chocolate, and a good book.  I desire to write and photograph to inspire others and to capture moments for families to enhance their bond.

I’m married to the greatest, most patient man in the world and my family is the best!  I oftentimes fail miserably at being a rancher’s wife/farmer’s daughter, but I wouldn’t want any other lifestyle!

Even before I took pictures I had businesses, such as my shoe shine business when I was 8 or my boer goat business when I was 12. However, my photography is more than just my business.  I try to put my heart into every image I photograph, so that you have the best experience and finished product possible.

Some random facts about me are that I graduated K-State, but in Psychology, not Photography.  I’m naturally an introvert, but when you put a camera in my hand, you might wonder!  I can be a little crazy on my ladder when photographing seniors (if I fall on you, so sorry).  And there are two ministries that I’m extremely passionate about, which are ADRA and Compassion International.  Also, I enjoy starting sentences with “and,” so the English teacher in you might go a little crazy if you keep up with me on the blog.

Although we don’t have kids, my husband and I have a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix named Doc, a miniature pony named Oreo, two cats, and about 19 chickens.  Life is good!