True Beauty Initiative – Introducing Brylee

God made us all different for a reason and he thinks we are all beautiful in our own way. We have to start believing it too or we will never be our true selves!”Close up senior girlI’m very excited to announce to you our next True Beauty candidate….city photographyMiss Brylee Thompson!The Great GatsbyBrylee is a junior at Circle High School, where she enjoys playing volleyball.  Brylee would describe herself as a “girly girl” who loves her dog and her photo(She also sort of loves shopping.)twirling hairBrylee is fun and energetic, and more likely than not you’ll find her smiling.sunset senior girl, lakeShe would love to live near the ocean with her family, but for now, Kansas sunsets will with puppyBrylee says that no matter how beautiful you are on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.sunsetJust like every girl, Brylee has times when it’s hard for her to believe that she is beautiful. However, she has encouragement for us all.  “While celebrities have money to make them seem beautiful on the outside, most aren’t as perfect on the inside as the out. It can definitely put an image of “beauty” in young girls’ minds. So when they look at themselves and see that they aren’t perfect like society portrays, then they lose self confidence. Truth is, you are beautiful. No matter how many times you hear it, you are the one that has to believe it!”true beauty caringBrylee picked the word CARING to represent her shoot.Senior photographyShe is amazing at being there for her friends and family when they need her. Brylee can sense how someone is feeling before they say a word. beach photoShe feels comfortable being herself, which enables her to help others confidently.downtownBrylee loves jelly beans, make-up, and clothes.ConverseBut most of all, she loves her family.Downtown photosHer message to others is, “Never give up on what you love, it is what makes you, YOU.”sunset KansasAdvice from Brylee to younger girls:

“My advice for you is to be happy. Stay positive and make the most out of everything. Growing up goes by fast, so enjoy it. Enjoy being young and having the best of times because one day you’ll miss it. I don’t want you to ever wish you had done something different with your life. So that’s why I ask you to stay happy and do whatever makes you happy. Happiness can carry you through life easily. It will help you make life long decisions when it comes time. Most of all, seeing you happy will make everyone else happy.”

” I also encourage you to be respectful to everyone. They may be going through something that you have no idea about. Also, make an effort to check up on them and ask how their day is going. I know from experience that something like that can bring someone out of a slump. Another thing, don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are not beautiful because you are. You are absolutely gorgeous. God made you this way because he thinks you are perfect. So please don’t ever get discouraged by anyone because you’re absolutely marvelous!”

“Also,  don’t ever try to be someone you’re not. Growing up, it can be hard with peer pressure and doing whatever is “in”. But the truth is, one day none of that is going to matter. So go through life knowing you made the best of it by impacting people with your personality and the real you. I promise that one day you will find someone that appreciates you more than anything and puts you before all. I encourage you to keep going when times get rough. It’s not a time to let go. God gave you this challenge because he thinks you are strong enough, and you are. So believe it! Good luck with life and remember to be happy!”Brylee Thompson

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