Miss G’s First Birthday Photos

First Birthday I’ve really enjoyed watching Miss G grow up over the last year.family photosYou may look at her and see a little baby, but compared to the tiny girl she was at the newborn, 3 month, 6 month, and 9 month photo sessions, she has grown a TON!mother daughter photoKaylene brought one of Miss G’s newborn photos to our session (in a gorgeous barn wood frame, might I add!), and I had completely forgotten that tiny little baby she was last spring._DSC5172 copyIt got me thinking, so I looked back on the photos from each of our sessions during Miss G’s first year, and the difference between each session was truly amazing! Miss G transformed before our very eyes into the happy 1-year-old baby she is today, and I got to photograph the journey!  Looking back on all the photos made me feel really special to be a part of her story.pink first birthdayWe had already photographed with tutu’s and pearls, KC gear, and ponies and bucket calves, so Kaylene asked what a new idea might be for this session. My go-to first birthday idea is always a smash cake. (Miss G liked the idea too.)smash cakeI get very excited for smash cakes, as so many of the one-year-old’s I’ve photographed grind them up in their hands, stick their whole faces in the cake, and make some really good photographs while doing so! Miss G was a little more delicate about the matter, only getting a little frosting on her chin.  Still pretty adorable, though!family of 3family of 3daddy and baby_DSC5059 copyWe had initially planned to do the photos of Miss G inside, but she wasn’t a fan of coming in from the nice breeze on the porch. Being the thinkers that we are, we moved the studio outdoors!  It gave it a fun affect, while keeping the birthday girl happy!

mommy timeWe also got to take advantage of some beautiful light!daddy timeIt always makes me happy to do photos for this family. I hope you enjoy your images! Thank you for letting me photograph your journey. :)family photo

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