Sunflower Session – El Dorado, Kansas

Last night I had an amazing time doing an impromptu photo session with these lovely girls! I have always loved sunflowers for as long as I can remember, and I was really bummed that I would miss sunflower season this year with the birth of our first baby. Don’t get me wrong, little man will be totally worth it, but no time of year is quite as beautiful to me as July sunflower season. I felt so blessed that the sunflowers opened early this year (and baby is coming late) so we could squeeze this quick session in for these sweet ladies. Here’s just a snippet of our evening that I’ve had a chance to edit.

Most of these girls had never met each other before, but by the end of our session we had made new friends!

Floppy hats make the best props in a golden sunflower field! I love it when we can break loose and just have fun during our sessions.

Nothing says Kansas like The Wizard of Oz and a sunflower field! Cari is an amazing actor so we decided to bring a red and black theatre mask to represent her high school colors and her love for the stage!

Can I just say I am jealous of your tan, Hallie? Another beauty, inside and out!

So glad Hayden brought this beauty along! She added some spice to our “high school girl” photo session. :)

I have known Sarah for a number of years and admire her sweet spirit and beautiful long brown hair!

Kristen has the best laugh! I had never met her before last night but was so glad she was able to join us!

These two partners in crime had a plan as to what they would do if I went into labor during our photo session. Who was going to drive and who was going to hold my hand again? :) Thankfully their skills weren’t needed!

I think this is such a sweet photo of two sisters.

We were going for a cute friend photo then things just got awkward. ;)

Thank you lovely ladies for sharing a hot, humid Kansas evening in a sunflower field with me! You are all beautiful inside as well as out.

Too sweet… they requested a photo with the pregnant gal at the end. :)

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