The Farm


I grew up searching for crawdads in this creek and catching fish here with my cousins. In the summer we’d wade right in and in the winter we’d skate around on top in our mud boots. 


I brought my horse, Hershal, here for a sip of water between adventures of John Wayne and the Indians when both brothers would be on right behind me. No saddle needed.

I’d ride along in the combine once the wheat was golden and help haul hay bales in before a summer’s rainstorm.   


This dam was a favorite fishing spot of my family’s for decades. We would have bonfires here and tell stories around the campfire.

It was a famiy affair and today, still is.

The farm is my favorite place to be. It’s where my most delightful childhood memories happened with the ones I love most. And now I’m inviting you… let’s capture some memories of your own at the family farm. 


Throughout the year, we have several options to choose from:

- Wheat field sessions

- Sunflower sessions

- Bonfire sessions

- Creek, pasture, and farmland sessions