A little about me...

Since childhood, I’ve loved writing, chickens, Grandpa, and chocolate, not necessarily in that order. I’m sold out on Jesus and strongly believe that being a mommy is the best thing ever. My purpose with camera in hand is to preserve memories and tell your story as beautifully as I can.

I dream of adopting children some day and living in a big, beautiful farmhouse with a wraparound porch. I love to eat but unfortunately don’t love to cook. You might find me riding in the feed truck with my boys checking cattle, trying to avoid coffee but always ending up at the local coffeeshop, cheering on local small business owners, and joining in on a Bible study with friends.   


Giving Back

Giving back to our local community is very important to me. Your purchase of a photo session helps support the Pregnancy and Family Resource Center here in El Dorado. In years past we have sponsored food and education for a child through the Compassion International Program.